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Orbis Investment Properties-Commercial Leasing


We're All In This Together

Real Estate Syndication Investing is simply a partnership of investors collaborating together on real estate acquisitions.  Each investor owns a share of the property based on their investment percentage. 

In today’s booming real estate market, it can be a challenge for investors to individually attain quality investments.  Syndication investing is one way to maximize your capital gains by allowing you to increase the value and quality of your investment property purchase. 

Through Real Estate Syndication Investing, your personal risk is diminished by disbursing the exposure between your partners.  Responsibilities for the operations of your asset can be allocated as agreed by all partners, relieving each individual of the full burden.

Syndicators are better equipped together to find the best products at the greatest value.  These partnerships allow you to invest in real estate without independently financing the full project.  Financial institutions pool the buying power of each partner to develop greater potential for lending, thus providing the ultimate possibilities for your investment property. 

Connecting like-minded investors together is one of the many ways we      can contribute to your financial success.  We can help assemble your partnership with partners who, like you, are interested in boosting their investment return. 

Enabling partnerships in larger investments that you may not have the ambition to do as an individual, is a part of how our compass guides you to success. 

Orbis Investment Properties-Commercial Leasing
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