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Commercial Leasing


Retail, Office, Medical & Industrial

Orbis Investment Properties, LLC helps pair Landlords with Tenants to create relationships for the greatest benefit to both types of investors. 

Starting a new business? 

Looking to expand? 

Orbis Investment Properties can help you select the perfect new location for your company. 

In real estate, it's said that location is everything.  While we understand it is important, we find it's even more vital to focus on your bottom line.  We will help you find a new space that will be cost effective and still drive the traffic to your business that creates a solid customer base. 

Are you an owner of a commercial property with vacancies to fill?

Let Orbis Investment Properties help you find businesses that match the charisma of your property.

With experience placing both national and local tenants, we can work with any size of business and property.

For more information, contact Gina O'Neil at

Orbis Investment Properties-Commercial Leasing
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