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Commercial Owners' Association Management


Leading the Way

As a property owner in a commercial association, you may have noticed a lack of options when it comes to expert commercial association management.  We certainly did, so we developed a specialized team for just that purpose.  Our experts will provide your association with top quality knowledge as well as:

Association Related Daily Operations

Enforcement the Association CC&Rs, Bylaws and Governing Documents

Professional Organization and Conduction Board and Owner Meetings

Assessment and Collection of Association Dues, Such As:​​​

♦ Common Area Maintenance/Operating Expense Reimbursements

♦ Reserve Account Funding

♦ Sign Panel Charges

♦ Parking Charges

♦ Association Real Estate Taxes

♦ Association Related Insurance Policies

♦ Late Fees

♦ Legal Fees


We also:

Administer Association Maintenance and Repairs with Pre-Approved Expense Limits

Oversee Maintenance Contracts and Utility Accounts

Emergency Response with On-Site Representation

Prepare Annual Budget and Obtain Owner Ratification 

Provide Monthly or Quarterly Financial Reports Containing Information on All Matters Related to the Association

Prepare Annual Tax Documents for Association Tax Filings

Investigate Incidents or Accidents and Make Claims for Damages

Handle all Accounts Receivable/Payable

Complete Monthly Bank Reconciliations

File the Association's Annual List with the Secretary of State

Obtain and Track Certificates of Insurance, Containing Proper Certificate Holders and Additional Insured for the Protection of the Association

Provide Record and Document Storage

Additional Services​​​​​

Registered Agent Representation

Common Area Construction Project Management (Some Restrictions Apply)

Commerce Tax Filing

If at any time, attorney services are needed, with board approval, we will work directly with the legal representatives to provide all required information and documentation.

In the event any owner enters into a contract to sale their property within the association, with their permission, we will work directly with their agent or title company to provide association documents.

As your Agent and Independent Contractor, Orbis Investment Properties, LLC will maintain its own Liability and E&O Insurance with policy limits up to $2MM.  All employee’s are covered under our worker’s compensation insurance and we handle the payroll and employment taxes.  Our employees are available to effectively manage your association without interruption.

Phone: 702-268-8576

Orbis Investment Properties-Association Management
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